Lutherans receive their denominational name from the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther.  Luther desired that the Church would not be named after him, but his opponents in Rome so named the people of the Reformation Church.

To define what a Lutheran is in a simple way, would be to say this:  “Lutherans are sinners who are saved by the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ, alone, and trust in Him and His merits won for them on the cross.”  Lutheran preaching is about Jesus.  He has the words of eternal life.   (St. John 6:68)

In Luther’s time in which he lived, the church had obscured the Gospel through its many regulations and monetary considerations.  All of these were proclaimed by the church in Luther’s day to help the individual gain God’s favor and even purchase Heaven itself.   It was claimed that by purchasing pieces of paper from church officials called, ‘indulgences’ that one could purchase the grace of God for themselves, or even their relatives who had died and apply it to them.

Luther tried everything that the church dictated and even went above and beyond what was required, yet he found no peace and assurance.  Why?  Because Luther discovered that a person could never do enough to be certain they had pleased God, or had done enough to be certain of their salvation. 

Due to Luther’s angst, Luther’s superior, put this young Roman Catholic monk to work teaching at the University of Wittenberg in hopes that it would get his mind off the matter.  It was there that Luther discovered from the pages of the Holy Bible, the Gospel of free salvation, by God’s grace alone through faith alone.  This  doctrine of the Gospel sparked the Reformation and the Lutherans returned to the teachings of the Apostles as found in Scriptures.

We believe that God’s Word, the Holy Bible has the answers for our lives here in time, and also teaches us what we can look forward to in eternity.   We cordially invite you to come and sit with us at the feet of Jesus through the Word of God and hear what He has to say to you.     Won’t you join us?   Our Sunday services are 9:30 AM and are approximately one hour.